Georgian Composer


Nino Janjgava
Nino Janjgava was born in 1964. Graduated from the conservatory in 1988 with a composer's specialty. In 1986 received III price at the young Composer's International Competition for her opus "Jarji Pkhoveli's three poems". Continued post graduate study, which graduated 1990. She is a member of Georgian Composer's Union since the same year. She's been composing, during the studying in conservatory and after graduating, in ballet, symphonic, choral, vocal, chamber and instrumental music styles, as well composing music for theater and cinema. Her music has performed in many international festivals and concerts in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, France, Germany, USA and Russia. She is a co-owner of the music publishing house and recording studio. And in 2006 she founded "Theater of sound".

The list of compositions:
1. "Scertzo" piece for bassoon and piano. 1984 
2. "Jarji Pkhoveli's three poems" for soprano and piano. 1987
3. "Pasakalia" for violin, cello and piano. 1987
4. "Tree miniatures" for chamber orchestra by Gianni Rodari tales. 1987
5. "Composition in C" for flute, harpsichord and string quartet. 1987. op.1
6. Concert for symphonic orchestra 1988. op.2
7. "Second of Shio Mgvimeli" Text by Demetre II, chant for mixed choir. 1988. op.3
8. "Reminiscences" for two string quartet and contra-bass 1988. op.4
9. "Rithmphones" for bassoon, soprano, harp and viola 1989. op.5
10. "Sanctus" for mixed choir. 1989. op.6
11. "Diez Irae" for mixed choir. 1989. op.7
12. "Adagio" piece for violin and piano. 1989 - 1990. op.8
13. "Consonance" for three string quartet. 1989. op.9
14. "Transformation" for symphonic orchestra. 1990. op.10
15. "Chant for the impregnation" for the woman's choir. text by Grigol Khandzteli. 1991. op.11
16. "Eseniniana" for basso and piano. Texts by Sergei Esenin. 1991. op. 12
17. "Old Tbilisi Bohemia" for the clarinet, basso and doli. Texts by Ietim Gurji. 1992. op.13
18. "Circles" piece for violin and piano 1992. op.14
19. "Consonance" for four wind instruments. Corno in F, tromba in B, Trombone, tuba. 1993. op.15
20. "David Agmashenebeli chants" for soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, basso and mixed choir. 1993. op.16
21. "Uncle Tic-Tac's travel" Children opera. 1993.
22. "The clock by watchmaker Tic-Tac", "the clock has stopped showing the time" two pieces for chamber orchestra. 1993. op.17
23. "Andromeda's constellation" ballet. 1994. op.18
24. "Chant for Vardzian Mother of God" for three singers. 1994. op.19
25. "Elipsis" for instrumental ensemble. 1994. op.20
26. "Chant to Saver" for three singers.
27. "Ode for the birth of God Jesus Christ by Bishop John Mtbevari". For the mixed choir. 1995
28. "Merani" for recitator and string quartet. Lyrics by Nikoloz Baratashvili. 1995. op.21
29. "Arabesques" for saxophone, harp and cello. 1995. op. 22
30. "83 measures" for saxophone quartet. 1995. op.23
31. "Call and Palindrome" for the instrumental ensemble. 1996. op. 24
32. "Hello sorrow" for piano and string orchestra. 1996. op. 25
33. "Andante" piece for piano. 1996. 0p.26
34. "Four letters to Sancho" for violin, viola, cello and piano. 1998. op.27
35. "Heragramme" for violin, oboe, cello, bassoon and piano. 1998. op. 28
36. "Three pieces for the beginner pianist and advanced orchestra". Score and clavier for two pianos. 1998
37. "Summer dairy" for piano. 1998. op.29
38. "75 X 22" for symphonic orchestra. 1999. op.30
39. "Red and Yellow" for the mixed choir. 1999. op.31
40. "Story about Don Quixote, who swam through the ocean full of tritons and continued the way" for the chamber orchestra. 2000. op. 32
41. "Greeen madrigal" for the mixed choir. 2000. op. 33
42. "Emerald" for clarinet, bassoon and piano. 2001. op. 34
43. "Free pass" for flute, guitar, piano, udu, and recording. 2001. op. 35
44. "Medianta - or the reunification of three" for string quartet. 2002. op. 36
45. "Mi bemol and Re diez" for guitar and six violas. 2002. op. 37
46. "Contemplation" for violin, cello and piano. 2002. op. 38
47. "Poker" ballet in eight pictures. 2005. op. 39.
48. "Vesper bell" lyrics by George the Lustrous. Translation by a secluded monk. 2005 2 Sept. op. 40
49. "From visible to invisible" for block flute and two guitars. op.41
50. "Many years of life" for men choir. 2007. op. 42

Music for theater:
"Sorrow from mind"; "Died and married afterward"; "Two days from a colonel's life"; "betray"; "Berikoni"; "Lisistrate"; "Sulkiness"; "Blue hedgehog"; "Shadow"; "hey, you, knights in the tiger skin"; "Little red riding hood"; "Khanuma"; "Madam Moor".
Film music:
"Who is a ghost"; "Golden fish"; "Tired"; "Conspiracy"; "The world seen by Focus"; "Documentary film about Georgia".

Contact information:

Nino Janjgava
I. Abashidze str. 39 Flat No. 31
Tbilisi 0179
Phone: +99532 183347
Cellphone: +99595 355846