Nino Janjgava

Georgian Composer
Nino Janjgava
Nino Janjgava was born in 1964. Graduated from the conservatory in 1988 with a composer's specialty. In 1986 received III price at the young Composer's International Competition for her opus "Jarji Pkhoveli's three poems". Continued post graduate study, which graduated 1990. She is a member of Georgian Composer's Union since the same year. She's been composing, during the studying in conservatory and after graduating, in ballet, symphonic, choral, vocal, chamber and instrumental music styles, as well composing music for theater and cinema. Her music has performed in many international festivals and concerts in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, France, Germany, USA and Russia. She is a co-owner of the music publishing house and recording studio. And in 2006 she founded "Theater of voices".

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About free downloads

News 29.03.2024

Dear friend, you can download these compositions for free I'll be happy if you play my music 1. Gran diminuendo, op.59 for  Piano, Horn, Trumpet 2. Zviadi's Marmot, op.53 for piano 3. Scherzo, op.1 for bassoon and piano

About my new opus

News 15.02.2024

A month ago I finished my research “The Polyphony basics of traditional Georgian chants”. I researched the rules how to write canonical Georgian chants, and used these in my new work “Mystery” op.109 very soon I will offer it for you on my page ...

Чего хочет слушатель

Article 06.02.2024

Композитор должен чувствовать пульс своего времени. Я глубоко убежден, что он должен писать музыку для своих слушателей. Слушатель моей страны как посмотрит на меня и сразу почувствуете, что ему нужен покой. Они принимают эмоцию глубокой боли, но хотят, ...